Alimentos Fray Bentos - Work progress

BERKES keeps establishing strong presence in ALIMENTOS FRAY BENTOS. We are currently working simultaneously in 4 contracts:


Civil works of the entire complex, including the administration offices, all process buildings and services, the storage and shipment of finished products and the spray tower building, heart of the production process. The entire road system access and internal circulation of the plant, all health facilities and buildings minors, are part of this contract as well.

The civil works are over 50% complete and it is expected to be culminating later this year, with the exception of the spray tower, which is expected to be completed in May 2016.


Design, supply and installation of a steam generator of 16 T/h, 12 bar with biomass as fuel. The equipment is currently under manufacturing with 60% completion, and its assembly is expected to start early February 2016. The commissioning of the boiler is scheduled for April 2016.


Mechanical assembly and piping. BERKES will develop the assembling of all auxiliary equipment (tanks, pumps, compressors, etc.) as well as all the services piping (steam, condensate, industrial water, demineralized water, compressed air and chemicals), equipment supply and installation of structures parral piping in carbon steel and stainless steel. The planning stage and supplies is currently being developed, while the works are scheduled for November 2015.


Electrification works. AFB trusted BERKES the medium voltage inner works, including connection and measurement point from UTE up to internal substation; supply, assembly and erection of cells and transformers as well as the manufacture and assembly of all electrical boards of the plant. Besides, all wiring works will be performed up to secondary boards, which feed the production process equipment. Within the same contract, all internal and external lighting of the plant are included. Currently it is under development the planning stage and purchasing supplies, and works will be starting late October 2015.

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