RDF Gasifier in FRANCE

The RDF Gasification plant (Refuse Derived Fuel), which will provide on an industrial scale the fuel gas for a Clinker furnace in one of VICAT's main cement plants in Crechy, FRANCE, is already under execution.

VICAT, a French company with 160 years of experience, the second cement producer in its country and the 23th worldwide, works hard to reduce production costs, while giving priority to environmental care. France has stood out for its global leadership in the fight against Global Warming, and in this context has taken multiple actions to reduce emissions of harmful gases, and among them it has taken special attention to the cement industry.

After a process of several years of deep technical and institutional analysis, VICAT relied on BERKES to design and build its first RDF Gasification project, which will significantly increase the use of this fuel obtained from the classification of municipal, industrial and Commercial, in their Clinker furnaces, to the detriment of the use of fossil fuels.

After completing the development of the plant's detailed engineering during 2016, with the start of 2017, the Gasification plant will be built to process 3 tons per hour of the RDF, and is expected to be operational by the end of the year.

With this project BERKES demonstrates once again its commitment and leadership in the development of advanced technologies for a sustainable energy development, with the highest quality and efficiency standards in the world.



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